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Show your love with the ultimate Mother’s Day dinner!

Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is all about dinner, and showing your mom you really appreciate everything she’s done for you. Fill her day with love and delicious, classic Beef Wellington. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day, and is also impressively easy.

AleSmith .394 Pale Ale

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AleSmith’s Hall of Fame version of the legendary Tony Gwynn .394 San Diego Pale Ale pays tribute to the one and only Mr. Padre and his commitment to excellence. Just like its predecessor, this “Imperial” or “Double” .394 is bursting with even more American hops, lending the beer a diverse palate of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.

Taken 2014 Napa Valley Red Wine

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The nose of this classic Cabernet-based blend is incredibly flashy with aromas of fresh blueberries, blackberries, super ripe black cherries and underlying tones of earth, crushed graphite, toasted espresso beans and dark chocolate. The French oak is subtle yet present.

Beef Wellington

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